Olivia & Pat

When this stunning couple came to our studio for a chat, we knew almost immediately that it was gonna be a great fit. These two have such a love for life and aren’t they GORGEOUS? Pretty sure they are on an epic road trip right now – can’t wait for the wedding coming up soon!


It’s getting chillier (word?) by the second and I just can’t help but be reminded of the midnight sun in Iceland. Oh man, WHAT a dream adventure. Here’s a sneak peek of all we did in Iceland at The Path Workshops hosted by the super talented and inspirational D’Arcy Benincosa! With epic dresses provided by Leanne Marshall & Maria Luisa Rabell,… READ MORE

Islands of the Archipelago

When Christine (of The Petaler Co) and I dreamed up this shoot, we knew we wanted to do the shoot on one of the beautiful islands off the coast of Mississippi. There’s something about the beauty of the water and the magic of untouched greenery. In a lot of shoots, we see amazing west coast beauty.  Through this shoot, we… READ MORE

Art Inspired Bridal

When Rachel and I met, as she spoke about her passion and what she did, I immediately started forming a vision in my head of this amazing art inspired bridal. Something that could match her elegance, culture and beauty – along with featuring her love for all things thoughtfully made and all things crafted. Christine Woods of The Petaler Co. … READ MORE