Cliffs and Brick Buildings

Photographing this engagement session during the fall season of Mississippi was just a blast. Because Robert and Celia are just so laid back, it was like hanging out with friends, walking around downtown and traipsing around mini cliffs (well… you know, we Mississippians can dream 😉 ). What we loved the most was that they were game for anything and because of that we could do whatever we wanted and got some beautiful, original portraits that had a true Starling and Sage spin to it! We have been so blessed to have so many clients that trust us so much that they just want us to do what we do. Anyways, enough talk – Enjoy!

Gooch_EngDN-007-3744 Gooch_EngDN-014-3765 Gooch_EngDN-020-1175 Gooch_EngDN-025-1195 Gooch_EngDN-028-1204 Gooch_EngDN-030-1208 Gooch_EngDN-034-1215 Gooch_EngDN-046-3861 Gooch_EngDN-051-1247 Gooch_EngDN-056-1268 Gooch_EngDN-057-3899 Gooch_EngDN-058-1269 Gooch_EngDN-063-3920 Gooch_EngDN-070-3970 Gooch_EngDN-074-3998 Gooch_EngDN-080-4009 Gooch_EngDN-084-1315 Gooch_EngDN-085-1316 Gooch_EngDN-091-1337 Gooch_EngDN-096-4098 Gooch_EngDN-100-4133 Gooch_EngDN-107-4190 Gooch_EngDN-110-4199