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Just Add Wonder…

So this New Year has been invigorating. There could have been nothing better for me, to begin 2015 with added spark and vigor, than to smell the smells of my homeland, to hug my parents, my baby niece and family, to see the sights of my childhood, laugh and laugh till we cry with my friends of anywhere from 6… READ MORE

Tiny Prints Coupon!!

Hello hello ladies and gents! I know it’s Christmas card time and I have an amazing deal for you guys. I am proud to present this Tiny Prints Coupon Code for 40% off (that doesn’t expire this week but the next!!) as well a stackable coupon JUST for Early Birds tomorrow morning! 😀 Check out all the details below! Tiny… READ MORE

F.A.Qs | Weddings & Portraits

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions! If you’re looking for the F.A.Qs regarding art and photography, click here. 1. What is the favorite part of what you do? Making new friends and getting to know each couple. Seeing a vision come to life. Looking at photos right after each session.  In that order.  I know it’s not just one favorite thing,… READ MORE

F.A.Qs | Artists & Photographers

1. Do you ever struggle with making wedding photos unique when shooting in the same spaces/venues? If so, how do you find inspiration? This is an awesome question! In a mid-sized town like Hattiesburg, the list of  wedding venues isn’t the longest, for sure. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a struggle. In fact, we try not to focus on… READ MORE