F.A.Qs | Weddings & Portraits

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions! If you’re looking for the F.A.Qs regarding art and photography, click here.

1. What is the favorite part of what you do?
Making new friends and getting to know each couple. Seeing a vision come to life. Looking at photos right after each session.  In that order.  I know it’s not just one favorite thing, but I can’t pick!

2. What would you describe your photography style as?
Our Style is a combination of photojournalistic and styled portraiture. On a wedding day, we won’t ever interrupt a natural moment, but we love our portrait time with our couples and we see that time as a way to bring art and love together. We love the idea of bringing an artful, radiant vision to life with emotion-stirring images that capture laughter and love, breath by breath.

3. Do you travel for weddings?
Absolutely! We look for every reason to explore the world around us and if wedding photography calls our name all the way from Scotland or Seattle, even better!

4. What do your packages include?
We believe in selling how WE like to buy, in that we don’t like to be sold. We won’t like hidden costs. So all our collections are all-inclusive, which means that you pay one time and leave with a rich experience, starting your new journey with everything you need in hand. Digital Files? Check. Heirloom, fine art pieces? Check.

We also believe engagement sessions are absolutely essential so we have an engagement session in every one of our collections. To find out more, contact us for all the lovely details!

5. How much do we need to budget for wedding photography? And Why?
Such an awesome question! The general recommendation is 10 to 15% of your overall wedding budget! 🙂 To read more on this topic, hop on over to this blog post!

6. Do you prefer a First Look or the Traditional timeline? (First look – bride and groom see each other before the ceremony / Traditional – bride and groom see each other down the aisle during the ceremony)
As a company, Starling and Sage does not enforce one or the other, neither will we pressure anyone into doing either. However, since you’re asking about which one we prefer, we would have to say, The First Look? And the reason is simple – by doing the First Look, we get to take portraits 3 to 4 hours before the ceremony. That means we can schedule an hour for each segment of the photography timeline, without rushing and without being stressed. As creatives or really just as human beings, it’s natural for us to perform better when we are at our leisure. We get to think things through, move things out of the way and make sure everything is perfect. We even have more time to be creative and go out of the way to get a certain shot.
However, this doesn’t mean we aren’t up to par when it comes to the Traditional route. Of our weddings, it’s probably a 60/40 ratio of both, so we are pretty experienced handling both timelines!

7. Do y’all do other types of photography?
Why yes!

We are trained in commercial/lifestyle/fashion photography – www.starlingsagestudios.com

We also have a super awesome Senior Portrait Fashion Experience for both male and female high school seniors!

During the Fall/Winter season each year, we also host mini sessions that cater to families, pets and children! If you’re really interested in our unique vision for your family, feel free to email us!