Just Add Wonder…

So this New Year has been invigorating. There could have been nothing better for me, to begin 2015 with added spark and vigor, than to smell the smells of my homeland, to hug my parents, my baby niece and family, to see the sights of my childhood, laugh and laugh till we cry with my friends of anywhere from 6 to 20 years, to taste and savor the food I grew up on. Pictures coming, I promise.. hahas.


As I sit on my bathroom floor writing this post, (Daniel is sleeping and I’m always such a better everything at 12-2am in the morning, I am just so grateful for everything that has happened in 2014.

Which makes me even more excited to start 2015 with a bang. I can feel it coursing through my veins – the drive to make it, the drive to take this year and make it our own. The year to really shape the vision of our art, to fine tune the inner workings of our business. With the discovery of an amazing new studio software, we are already working on the latter. We cannot wait to continue making sure that we give every one of our couples a stellar experience.

So let’s talk about the art.

Our key words – Cinematic. Radiant. Full of Wonder. Stunning. Moving.

When YOU look at our work, we want you to FEEL.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the person you’re looking at. No. What matters is that you FEEL the wind sweeping across their face. The soft touch of their loved one’s warm hand.


Daniel and I have a ritual in the mornings. It’s not much, very small. He usually gets up before me every morning, cos I like to laze around in bed/snooze. And every morning I wait for the moment that he gives me my soft morning kiss on my forehead. And every morning, I close my eyes and FEEL that fuzzy warmth of love that I cannot actually possibly describe to you in words. But I can show you.

In every photo of love that we take. Be it between a mother and a child, from one lover to another, we want you to FEEL when you look at our photographs.

And so this year, we want to take our work to a whole new level of feeling. You’ll start seeing more than just weddings/engagements/bridals on our page. You’ll start to see more of our portrait work, more of the work we do for fun, more of our personal projects. Because then you can really start to follow us on our journey of love, life and art.

So come on. You’re in for a ride 🙂 It’ll be fun, we promise 😀

Happy 2015, my lovely people!

Personal Project #2
Model: Haley Leanne Beasley
Hair + Makeup: Allie Lee of Blush Salon Downtown – www.blushatthebakery.com

About Starling and Sage: Authentic, Radiant, Moving and Cinematic. Our purpose is to document life around us with a fresh perspective that tells a story in a masterful way. Starling and Sage is an award-winning husband and wife wedding photography team dedicated to creating artful, authentic and radiant wedding photography. Chosen as The Knot.Com’s Best of Weddings 2015, they are based out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi but will travel all over the South as well as internationally. To find out more about investment, click on the investment tag above or email us at hello@starlingandsage.com!