Of Kinfolk & Coffee

So… We have a HUGE announcement to make!!!

And NO we are not pregnant, when that time comes, you’ll see some little baby shoes or something of the like, til then.. no baby.

Ok, the real news! Daniel & I are about to start an adventure. An adventure that some or a lot of our lovely former brides and grooms have probably gone through or are going through right now!

About 4 months ago, we started our house search. I mean don’t get us wrong, we absolutely LOVE the house we currently live in… well look at it!        1393799180.185576.IMG_2996

But it was time for us to stop “renting” and move into a place of our own 🙂

So one day, we were driving around looking at another house, decided it wasn’t a good option and then took a turn onto another street and low and behold, we found this!


The above picture does not do the front yard justice. I told Daniel, stop and pull over, I need to check this house out. We pull into the driveway and found there wasn’t anyone living in it. I said, I have to look at this backyard.


And BOY, was it MAGICAL. Granted, we had never rented any house or home before that had such a nice front and back yard. So this was just amazing to us. We are definitely yard people, the reason why our search wasn’t successful before was because of the fact that we hadn’t been able find a house with an amazing enough yard.


Now, fast forward 2 months and here we are. Daniel & I are together, standing at the foot of this path, this adventure into home ownership! It’s going to be a BLAST, because there is some remodeling to be done and we want our home to feel stylish and simple like an issue of Kinfolk Magazine with the comfort and coziness of a warm cup of coffee.

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The color palette for the living/kitchen/dining area is going to be pretty much what you see in the above picture – white, wood features, green from plants we are going to have everywhere and gold/metal touches.

And the next three images below are inspiration images that I (probably?) got from Pinterest, i am SO sorry that I can’t credit them, but if this is your image, please know that I do not mean to plagiarize! Just let me know by emailing us with a link! 😀

IMG_3895 IMG_3878  IMG_3896
Oh it’s going to be great! Yes… I have 5 million boards on Pinterest.

First step, which we’ve been working on for the past few days, was the fence! Don’t forget about these fuzzies –


Our first home project was a success! Although, we are only halfway through and this is only half of it, ha! We used furring strips for the planks and Olympic’s Stain & Sealant in Cedar Naturaltone for the stain on the wood.


And this wall right here? ^ GONE 😀

IMG_4007IMG_3010SO so thankful for Daniel’s parents, particularly his Dad on this wall project, since he’s been in the construction business for a while!

Alrighty! That’s about how much progress we’ve made on this journey 🙂 Now we’re off to shoot weddings and conquer the world and such! More house updates coming up as we go!