Classy Mississippi Barn Wedding

Hello there! Get ready to revel at this gorgeous South Mississippi Barn Wedding!

I may have already mentioned that these people are my favorites here (their gorgeous engagement in the lovely New Orleans), but they are just too awesome to not say again! We had a blast at their wedding and we are so excited to show these off to you! Holly and Trey are just fun to be around, so photographing their gorgeous Southern wedding at The Barn at Bridlewood, was a breeze. They made things so easy and amazing for us, we couldn’t ask for better clients and are so glad to call them our new friends! It was a breath of fresh air to photograph their laid back yet elegant black tie affair in a barn setting, since most barn weddings have a rustic vintage feel (as beautiful as that is!).

Vendor List:
Photography: Starling and Sage
Wedding Venue: The Barn at Bridlewood
Pretty Presentations
Floral and Wedding Planning/Coordination: Blooms a Garden Shop
Cake: Cakes by Kerrin
Trolley: Gulf Coast Tours
Makeup & Hair Styling: The Studio
Wedding Gown: Bridal Path

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