Race & Religious Bridal Portraits / New...

When Leigh Anne started her journey with us, I knew that her bridal portraits would be special and different. I started brainstorming in my (tiny) head. Daniel likes to say that I have a small head.. BIG BRAINS I have though!! Ha. I digress. Honestly, Race & Religious in New Orleans, LA was my first thought. With its artist eclecticism and beautiful french/italian style interiors, Race & Religious is honestly one of the most effortlessly unique and gorgeous venues I’ve ever photographed at. She loved the idea and off we went. To say the least, her natural elegance and beauty came through beautifully and I am in LOVE with these photographs. I loved even more that her dress was simple and classic, matching her vibe entirely. And of course, who doesn’t LOVE a cathedral veil?! 😉

And on a side note, this session was photographed on both digital and film, as our first foray into a more vintage, magical and timeless side of photography! If you’ve been a part of our summer wedding/portrait schedule, you might have seen little hints of it in our sessions 🙂 More on this to come!

I will quit talking now, of course, and let the images speak for themselves! Enjoy!


StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0001StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0011 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0003StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0005 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0006 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0007 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0008StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0010 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0012 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0013 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0014 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0015 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0016 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0017 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0018StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0021 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0022 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0023 StarlingandSage_Bridal_RaceandReligious_Portraits_0024