Whimsical & Elegant Bridal / Anna

This has been one bridal that I have been DYING to post! When we met Anna, her easy going and laid back personality just resonated with us and I immediately knew her bridal portrait session was going to be absolutely stunning. I mean, it was absolutely not possible to take a bad photograph of her, even when she was just sitting there, waiting 😉 When we dreamed up this set for her, the vision was something whimsical but yet classy and gorgeous all at the same time. The amazing iron bird cage mirror from Ardor Rental Boutique was just the perfect piece to complete the puzzle!

Starling and Sage has a different take on “indoor” bridal portrait sessions and we love to create sets to perfectly match our brides and even our Nouveau Seniors! We hate that “in-studio” portraits have such a bad rep, but with the right skill and vision, we believe in studio portraits can reinvent the bridal portrait as art! Click here to check our Jessica’s classical & luminous bridal portraits.

Anyways, enough about what we think – Enjoy!

StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal001  StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal003 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal004 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal005 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal006 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal007 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal008 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal009 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal010  StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal012  StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal014  StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal013StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal016 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal017 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal018 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal019 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal020 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal021 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal022 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal023 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal024 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal025 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal026 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal027 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal028 StarlingSageBlog_Anna_Bridal029