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Getting the Wedding of Your Dreams

Making Sure Your Wedding Day is Everything You’ve Dreamed Of:

Getting your dream wedding doesn’t just mean throwing a million dollars at a bunch of people. Sometimes getting your dream wedding can be as simple as communicating your wedding vision to your vendors, knowing what you want and being clear about your direction. A wedding vision is so important and it can be pivotal in ensuring that your wedding is exactly everything you want.

You’ll find, as a bride, that many a wedding vendor will ask you, “What is your wedding vision?” And isn’t that a hard question to answer? What they’re really asking is, “What do you want?”. I know, this seems so “big” and seems to carry so much weight, especially when you realize that all of your vendors will be making decisions and recommendations based off of your answer. However, it is so necessary precisely because of that reason. They want to make you happy and communication is KEY. Showing up to a consultation meeting with a clear idea of what you want can make all the difference in the world! But here comes the hard part, “So how do I figure out exactly what I want and how do I communicate that properly in a way that wedding vendors can understand?”

You’re right on the money with that question so here’s a quick how-to guide with easy steps towards creating or honing your wedding vision and the most efficient way to get it across to the people that need to know it. It’ll take a little time on your part brainstorming, but it’ll be SO WORTH IT.

1. Imagine and Describe Your Dream Wedding (s)

The first step would be to describe your dream wedding, as if logistics, money, or any other factor was an issue. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have two/three/four different ideas of a dream wedding. For example, mine would be “In a Wildflower Field on the side of a cliff” or “In an intimate setting in lush Italian or French garden courtyard”

So, ok. Obviously these are attainable dream weddings, but not super practical. But to start off your vision, go ahead and flesh out all of your dream weddings. It doesn’t have to be super detailed, but you can list out the various different factors that you’d like to see.

My wildflower field on a cliff wedding – Standing on the side of a cliff, with me holding a wildflower-style bouquet in my beaded top and chiffon train wedding dress blowing in the wind, him in a brown tweed suit and bow-tie, exchanging vows with the ocean’s waves crashing. We’ll be surrounded by a group of 50 friends and family, and then head to a quaint wedding venue that looks like a house from Pride & Prejudice with animals free ranging on the grounds. We’ll sit down in candlelight, eat dinner and dance the night away.

With just a small paragraph like that, as a wedding vendor, I can already see what you love, and a good and experienced wedding industry professional will be able to use his or her creativity to understand what YOU are about.

Then begs the question, but “Steph, I’m clearly NOT able to do this, for xyz reasons”. And I get it! But this description of your dream wedding will help your vendors interpret what you like into your “real situation”. For example, your florist will be able to understand that your bouquet needs to be wild and organic, lots of foraged greenery with a wildflower palette. Or when the caterer goes to decorate their food/hors d’oeuvre tables, they’ll know to use rustic props/plates/dishes that can still translate some of that quaintness you’re looking for.

2. Strive to be as SPECIFIC as possible.

How do you want your wedding day to be? How do you want your guests to feel? Colors, Names/Types of Flowers. Do the research! Because vendors are not mind readers, so giving a broad general statement will make it hard for them to interpret your vision. And with what they’ll propose, there’ll be a 50/50 chance that you’ll absolutely love it, or that you’ll hate it, or just be apathetic. Creating proposals / coming up with ideas take time and effort, so help them out by giving us as much specific direction as possible, even if you’re a super laid back bride! At the end of the day, more often than not, you’ll have a preference!

Also, clue your vendors in about specific things about your personality! As a bride, do you want absolute perfection? With nothing out of place? Or do you want a laid back day, that’s relaxed and casual? This will help your vendors understand who you are and they’ll know what decision to make, based on what you want. For example, if one of the table linens has a small crease in it, because of whatever reason, do they go in and steam it, even if it’s an hour before the reception and there are still things to get done? The bride that loves perfection will say yes, but the laid back bride might shrug her shoulders and say no one will notice. At the moment, since you’ll likely be at your ceremony, that vendor may need to make a snap decision (although at any rate, they’ll steam that crease if they’re able to), and knowing what you’re like, will help so much. And if they don’t ask, tell them! If you’re vocal about being a particular person that notices every detail from the very beginning or just super chill, that will set tone from the get go!

3. Pinterest

What bride doesn’t get on Pinterest?! Pinterest is a great place to start with inspiration, but it can get very overwhelming. That’s why I have it listed last, because I think Pinterest is best for when you DO have your vision and then you can sit down and really comb through ideas of “wildflower bouquets” besides just looking at many many bouquets of all sorts of different styles!

4. Hire a Wedding Planner and/or Wedding Designer

Last, but not least, it is the most important one! The BEST way to ensure your vision is conveyed is THIS. Hiring a wedding planner from the get go, someone to communicate with weddings, someone to help with decisions, someone with experience to let you know about ALL the pros and cons of each decision you make, is a game changer. This is your first wedding, so it makes sense that you’re not sure what to look out for. Save yourself a lot of stress and really enjoy your wedding!

Make sure you conduct an interview/consultation and hire someone you can jive with. This person will take the vision you’ve come up with and the specifics and makes sure it all gets done so you nor your family members will have to stress about the logistics of it all.

Every single one of the best weddings that I’ve photographed have been helmed by fantastic wedding planners. You won’t regret it.

Alright! I hope this has been helpful 🙂 I want to hear about some of your favorite wedding vendors and how they did an amazing job conveying your vision! Comment below and tell me all about it!



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Getting the Wedding of Your Dreams

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