Maple Photography


When Clara called me, I knew 1. it was going to be this natural, woodsy, earthy affair, 2. I knew I would love working with her because she was exactly the kind of bride that we love being around – beautiful, funny, confident, laid back with an amazing heart for people and animals! My kind […]

Earthy, Natural Wedding / Mississippi

Classic & Radiant Bridal Portrait / I especially love it when brides ask me to create a classic and simple indoor setting for their bridal portraits. And I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful bride for this session. Nancy killed it and Ardor’s downtown studio provided the best location. It’s so exciting that the space […]

Classic & Radiant Bridal Portrait / MS

Oh my gosh, we are so excited to share this beautiful, dreamy Mississippi winter wedding with y’all. It is to die for. The whole event was a romantic, warm, cozy, laid-back yet chic and lovely affair. Held at a private location, with the ceremony on the most stunning wooden bridge. We took about 3000 photographs […]

Dreamy Mississippi Winter Wedding

Modern & Stylish Mississippi Engagement Session

We LOVE this modern and stylish engagement session in the urban setting of Downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi that was just so much fun. And so gorgeous on top of that! It was modern, stylish, fun and such a fresh perspective from the nature-y, outdoorsy session. It was a breath of fresh air to do an urban […]

Modern & Stylish Mississippi Engagement Session

We are so excited to share this wonderfully romantic engagement session in Mobile that we did at the end of last year. It is the perfect session to start out with this New Year, just because everything in this session embodies why we love to do them. We started out at the 5 Rivers Delta […]

AC + Tim

You know what the most gorgeous part about this dreamy New Orleans Wedding at the Royal Sonesta Hotel is? Bridget’s parents got married at this very same location years ago! How cool is that?!?! Enjoy! About Starling and Sage: Authentic, Radiant, Moving and Cinematic. Our purpose is to document life around us with a fresh […]

Dreamy New Orleans Wedding Part 2

So, this gorgeously dreamy New Orleans wedding doesn’t come without an amazing story, of course – First off, let me say this – Bridget and Frank had been together for SEVEN YEARS before getting engaged. Bridget told me this when I first met (we worked in the same building a couple years ago). Ever since she […]

Dreamy New Orleans Wedding Pt 1

A few days ago, Daniel asked me this – “Do you think God created us for each other?” I mean, come on, the whole idea of “The One”, created by Hollywood & romance novels, just seems so ridiculous, to a logical, rational person. But this is what I replied, “Absolutely.” And why did I say […]

Across The Seas

Jessica said, “Steph, what haven’t you photographed? For my bridal, just do what you want.” When people say that to us, it’s a HUGE deal. Why? Because as much as people view us as artists, brides usually have an idea and a vision of their own. And you know what, this is their bridal portrait, […]

Luminous Bridal Portraits / Jessica