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Yes! We are Hybrid Photographers, meaning that we use both film and digital cameras in our work. All that means is that we believe that both film and digital cameras are very different and do different things for an image. They have their own pros and cons, so neither is better than the other. Each camera is simply a type of medium (much like oil, watercolor and acrylic paints are in painting) and that using both of these mediums, by far, produces the best result when it comes to telling a wedding story. 

2. Do you shoot analog photography film? And why?

Absolutely! We look for every reason to explore the world around us and if photography calls our name all the way from Scotland or Seattle, even better.

1. Do you travel for weddings?

We believe in selling how WE like to buy, in that we don’t like to be sold. We don’t like hidden costs. So our Experience Collections are all-inclusive and you leave with a rich experience, starting your new journey with everything you need in hand. Digital Files? Check. Heirloom, fine art pieces? Check.

3. What do your packages include?

Even though we work equally well with either, since you’re asking about which one we prefer, we would have to say, The First Look. And the reason is simple – by doing the First Look, we get to take portraits 3 to 4 hours before the ceremony. That means we can schedule 30 minutes to an hour for each segment of the photography timeline, without being rushed and stressed. As creatives or really just as human beings, it’s natural for us to perform better when we have the liberty of taking our time. We get to think things through, move things out of the way and make sure everything is perfect. We also find that with the First Look, we aren’t racing against the sunset, and we’re able to get all those lovely natural light shots you see on our website.

4. Do you prefer a First Look or the Traditional timeline? (First look – bride and groom see each other before the ceremony / Traditional – bride and groom see each other down the aisle during the ceremony)

Yes! We are primarily trained in commercial/lifestyle/fashion photography and this was our focus while attending photography school in Massachusetts. This training has helped us immensely with being able to adapt in all types of lighting situations.
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5. Do y’all do other types of photography and/or creative work?



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"I literally cried when we got our photos back. I felt so SO beautiful looking at our photos. How often can we say that with complete honesty?! I was floored that they captured my husband and so intimately, honestly and romantically. I love their aesthetic. It's raw and authentic, but beautifully crafted and organic."

-kristy & chris

Our pictures are modern, beautiful, and most importantly, they are our own as they aren’t a replica of any other wedding. No regrets. Starling and Sage are consummate professionals, timely, engaging, personable, and they deliver beyond expectations. Still one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.”

-deidre & cory

Absolutely outstanding work! This married team works HARD, and the photos look effortlessly, chic. Make the right decision to invest in timeless quality with these talented artists.

-emily & ross

Starling + Sage are the dreamiest! As photographers, they have a unique artistic vision, and as people, they are kind and caring. Upon receiving our photographs, my husband pointed to a shot and said, "This one. This is the one we'll show our grandchildren one day."

-tom & jessica

Starling and Sage are a husband and wife team that specialize in fine art wedding photography. During their years spent as Fine Art Film Photographers in Mississippi & New Orleans, they enjoy telling romantic, wonder-filled stories of their beautiful clients through engagement sessions, bridal sessions and full wedding photography coverage. Based out of the South, Starling and Sage provides services to couples in Mississippi, New Orleans, Alabama and also internationally. With destinations such as Banff (Canada), Bali (Indonesia), Italy and Singapore under their belt, they are ready to travel to wherever your lovely event may be.


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